1 egg every day that the benefits of playing


Nowadays , many people do not eat eggs . No fear of weight gain , no less than the amount of fat in the blood , and some feared hrdarogake . But it really enhances the egg ? Nowadays, the doctors said , but opposite . They said an egg for breakfast in the morning until about 3 pound weight can reduce ! Come , then , let’s have the advantage of 1 egg , which is why you should eat eggs every day !

1) a lap of thousands of eggs filled with vitamins. Vitamin B-1 of the bread you eat, or converted into energy that helps.

2) in the vitamin. Improving the eyesight. Kerotinayeda egg, lyutena and jiyeksenathina adolescence reduces the risk of eye disease myakulara dijenaresana. This helps in alleviating the material cataract.

3) Vitamin D is only dimei. Which helps to reduce muscle pain.

4) Vitamin E. It generates free radicals in the skin cells and destroys. And skin cancer prevention.

5) Above all, the quality of the egg, it helps to reduce weight. This is an egg for breakfast every day, your appetite will be less, eat less. The study found that about 400 calories a day can reduce the body in the morning to eat an egg. That’s the weight of about three pounds. According to the survey, 65% of the body weight, body fat, 16%, 34% of the eggs may reduce the amount of fat that have accumulated around the waist!

6) sit in iron, zinc, phosphorus. Menastruyesanera anemia occurs for a long time. Soon tired body. The iron in the egg can easily meet this shortfall. Zinc boosts the body’s immune system or immune system. The phosphorus in bones and teeth strong.

7) Every day at least 50 grams of protein in the body of a woman in need. An egg contains 6.5 grams of 70-85 calories or protein. So to stay alive every egg you can drink

8) 003 ayadolesana Harvard University study showed that 6 eggs a week later period, or approximately 44% of breast cancer can be prevented by playing regularly. Also with the heart and blood clotting egg does not. As a result, the chances of stroke or heart attack is low.
9) a further important element in keeping the body healthy coli. Many times when kolainera deficit cardiovascular, liver or neurological disease may occur dija-order.Eggs contain about 300 micrograms coli . The cardiovascular system , nervous system , liver and brain puts you in control .

10 ) has a new study , the eggs do not increase cholesterol . No two eggs a day does not affect the lipid profile . Creates hemoglobin in the blood rather than eggs .

11 ) protein in the body structure . Amino acids and proteins , helping to create Twenty-one of the amino acids needed for this purpose. But the need of the nine amino acids that our body can not make. Protein Supplement for us to take. This protein is the egg in the food supplement. Instantly protein, which the body can produce.

12) immediately to break the nails? Or simply worn-out hair health? Close your eyes every day to eat eggs. The sulfur in the egg magic that will improve the quality of the nails, and hair.


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