Two easy ways to remove dandruff and hair in the winter


Dandruff is dead skin white crown of the head . Crown of the head is dry or dandruff for seboraheika daramataitisa . Also eksima , psoriasis or dandruff can be myalasejiya the fungus attack . Human dandruff can be any age , but are more teenagers and adults .It’s annoying and uncomfortable, but it is a serious problem, not a problem . Acne can be a problem if the amount of dandruff and itching . There are some simple and efficient domestic procedures for the control of dandruff . Let them do not know the procedure

1. Vinegar
To remove dandruff, which is the most effective ingredient in vinegar, cider vinegar or white vinegar and easy labhyaapela elimination of dandruff can be used for both of them.
Cup-A and 4 of Part 3 of 4 percent and 1 part vinegar mixed with water to use after washing hair.
Wash the hair after bhinegara with sokanora ninacula natoyale remove the vinegar smell will go away.
-As Remove dandruff can not use regular vinegar.

2. Neem
Neem destructive fungus and bacteria -killing ingredient achetai not just for the crown of the head ayakani eliminating dandruff , itching and hair fall off hayanimake neem is used and is called the Indian lilac .

– A handful of neem leaves in four cups of water to boil
– Then drain with cold mix
– Use this mixture to the hair 23bara week .

3 . coconut oil
According to the dot-com krancibeti dandruff treatment has been proven effective in coconut oil .
3-5 table spoon of coconut oil and apply it before gosalera scalp and leave for one hour
Wash your hair with shampoo -Then

4 . Mouthwash
Mouth Wash for dandruff, if you use the benefits . After washing the hair and scalp dandruff more Mouth Wash apply . Thus, the hair is washed 510minita phelunacokhe Be careful that he does not . You can do it once a week .
5 . Lemon
Lemon to remove dandruff does a wonderful job . Lemon is a good way to massage the scalp before washing . Rinse . As well as lime to remove dandruff and hair glue coloring and brightness to give away .

Adjustable Comb , the crown of the head to increase blood circulation and increase emissions of oil . Dandruff due to the stress of trying to stay stress-free karunasbasthyakara paretai growing fast food and sugar -rich foods such as meat meal khanaasbasthyakara khanabhitamina B6 and zinc -rich foods, eat less , because the hair and skin soft like water rakheparyapta to drink .


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